“This managed to capture my attention by playing to my dark side. Dark Erotica at its best that twists historical fiction with fantasy and paranormal fiction. Two witches wanting to amass power so great, no one can stand in their way. Two hunters hell bent on capturing and stopping them for good. But when they meet, it may not go according to anyone’s plan. This was hot, dark, and weird, all at the same time. I enjoyed it very much.” – Alina Hart

“Two witches, two hunters & a little demon blood make a dark yet enticing story. Great read with twist & turns that will surprise you.” – Krystal Cortes

Released in paperback October 20, 2017 (ebook release November 2, 2017):

Natasha and Skylar Bodrova are seeking ultimate power.

Logan Archer and Chase Jamison are only seeking to destroy the Bodrova sisters. What happens when these sister witches and their hunters meet up?

Who will win the power struggle in this dark, erotic fantasy?

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Obeying the Rules

Obeying the Rules. It sounds simple; unless your mind, body and spirit are sold to the Mistress of The Manor to pay for your crimes.

Nothing is quite what it seems in The Manor. Cassia rules with an iron fist. Will her own past and her soft heart get in the way of her mission?

Cade, Cassia’s enforcer. Can he overcome his own demons to learn to let someone close to his hardened heart?

Nova and Gage. Political prisoners, the thorns in the side of The Master. Too bold for their own good.

Sterling. Master of The Manor and the entire region. Would give his wife anything. But what exactly is behind his motives?

Enter The Manor and find out exactly what is at risk when Obeying The Rules is your only option.

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